1st National Communique

Communique of the
First National Symposium of the Igala Association, USA

The first national symposium of Igala Association (USA) was held at the banquet hall of Quality Inn, College Park, Maryland, between November 24-25, 2000.
Attended by Igala patriots from New York, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and of course, Maryland/Washington, DC, the symposium identified four broad areas in which developmental efforts of Igala sons and daughters need to be concentrated on the long run:
In Education, the symposium identified the following core developmental areas:
Establishment of scholarships for Igala indigenes 
Establishment of summer volunteer corps, whereby Igala indigenes in the diaspora can teach at home during summer vacations. 
Establishment of a book bank to help channel donated books to schools in Igalaland. 
Establishment of an exchange program to help bring outstanding students and teachers to study in the United States for a given period of time. 
Establishment of Education endowment fund to help upgrade equipment in our schools.
In the area of health symposium resolved to:
Give matching grants to villages and communities to dig wells for portable water. 
Support immunization awareness programs in villages and communities.
On the Economic Development front, the symposium resolved to support/establish micro-credit programs targeted specifically at our women.
Culturally, symposium agreed to:-promote the culture of our people in areas such as music, festivals, arts/crafts, history and encouragement of children to speak the language.
Develop and maintain historical landmarks across the land, such as the INIKPI cenotaph at Ega, Idah. 
Develop our natural resources into tourist and commercial centers, such as the Idah Harbor.
In the short term, the symposium, after two days of very robust and rigorous eliberations decided as follows:
Give moral support to Dr. Jeremiah Abalaka, one of our own whose creative efforts in search of a cure for HIV has become the subject of heated controversy and malign. It was the view of the symposium that Abalaka is being put down because he is not from the "right" tribe.
Identify organizations in the United States to foster and further our cause.
Establish a directory of Igala sons and daughters with identifiable areas of expertise, with a view to tapping same for the development of the motherland 
Register with the Nigerian embassy and other Nigerian organizations in USA.
Cause the communique of the symposium to be given the widest possible publicity in the Nigerian media. 
Identify Igala sons and daughters at home who can foster our agenda.
Donation of computers to Kogi State University (KSU) within six months of the symposium.
The symposium which laid great emphasis on the need for all Igala sons and daughters, wherever they may be to love and identify with one another, set Labor Day of 2001 (September 1&2) as the date for the next symposium.
Jonathan Adejoh, President,
John Shaibu, Secretary


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