Communique of the
Fourth National Symposium of the Igala Association, USA 2003

The Igala community in the United States has resolved to use all the resources at its disposal to forge a united front in order to confront the problems facing Igala people both at home and abroad. Similarly, members of the Igala nationality resident in the United States have been called upon to work hard and put a positive face on the activities of Igala Association, USA, the umbrella association for people of Igala descent living in North America.

These were part of the resolutions that brought to a close the symposium of the association, which was held at the conference hall of the Points of Light Foundation, Washington, DC, on the weekend of August 30th and 31st. The success of the symposium and Igala Association, USA is in the fact that the annual gathering, despite teething problems has been organized four years in a row, and each year, the organization and attendance gets better and larger than the previous year.

The theme of this year's symposium was: CULTURE IN THE WESTERN SOCIETY: THE IGALA EXPERIENCE. In keeping with the theme, the President challenged the participants to pursue addition and multiplication, instead of subtraction and division, not only in this culture, but also among Igala sons and daughters everywhere. Other related presentations were by Dr. Andrew Zekeri, on the influence of social psychology cultural values and preferences of the Igala people on Igala Association, USA; and by Fr. Anthony Agbali, by proxy, on Igala Social Identity: Continuities and Discontinuities in a Globalizing World. (The full text of these presentations can be accessed on our website).

Unquestionably, the biggest highlight of the two-day gathering was the presence of Nobel Prize nominee in Mathematical Physics, Professor Gabriel Oyibo. In a star presentation to herald the commencement of the symposium, the learned professor showed with equation after equation that there is mathematical proof for every theorem ever dreamed up by man, including his famous GOD ALMIGHTY GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM, (GAGUT), which is also known as the THEORY OF EVERTHING (TOE). Professor Oyibo demonstrated, in a very convincing way that GAGUT, the theory that has brought him world acclaim unifies the three known theories of the origin of the universe: Holy Book account (or the Word of God), science (Big Bang) and Ancient Africans Account (or the roaring water waves of Nuns). Putting the three accounts in every day _expression, Oyibo said, "God's Word is the Big Bang which sounded like a roaring water waves of nun."

After all was said and done, symposium participants which included some of the brightest and best brains the Igala race has ever produced, came off feeling that, like the Israelis did after the intellectual ascendancy of Albert Einstein, Oyibo's leap to the pinnacle of knowledge may well constitute the pathway to Igala's salvation. Oyibo himself stated the point when he noted that the world did not take notice of Einstein's accomplishments until fifty years after his death. The corollary in the work of the two men and the fate of their people lies in the fact that Oyibo's Grand Unified Theorem mathematically represents the modification of space-time structure which was the core of Einstein's prediction in his general relativity theory which won him the 1921 Nobel prize in physics.

The symposium also recognized the role of Igala youths as the future of the race. But to effectively transfer the morals, folklores, language and other attributes that form the core of Igala culture, the symposium harped on the need to take steps to ensure that our youngsters are equipped to play the role society expects of them. In that wise, the following recommendations were put forward for consideration:

  • Creation of a mini-library/resource center for kiddies' research;
  • Provision of avenues for music and expression of Igala art and dance steps;
  • Standardization of Igala alphabets;
  • Compilation and Publication of a thoroughly researched reference handbook to be periodically updated in accordance with the change in times;
  • Emphasis on parental role in the inculcation of our ways of greeting, civic services, social studies and pre-colonial system of government;
  • Inter and intra-family competition in spoken Igala;
  • History of the Igala kingdom, to include the institution of the Attah of Igala, for example, when was the throne instituted, who was the first Attah, which Attah reigned the longest and who is the current one.

In order to facilitate the recommendations above, the Association appointed Mrs. Mary Shaibu and Mrs. Bridget Abuh to serve as youth coordinators, on the executive committee. In addition, Igala Association, USA is also to explore the possibility of setting up a committee to bring the aforementioned proposals to fruition. In addition to the above-mentioned recommendations, the association will continue to pursue the implementation of the action plans of the previous symposia.

Considering the huge number of Igala families and individuals living in the North America (over two hundred), the symposium observed that attendance could be better than the number we had. For effective mobilization and coordination towards better attendance at subsequent symposia, the United states and Canada was divided into four broad regions, namely: South East, Midwest and North East. The South East region comprises Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Louisiana, and it has Drs. Emmanuel Wada and Yahaya Abuh as coordinators. The Midwest region, which is to be coordinated by Dr. Michael Idachaba, is made of Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana Kentucky, Michigan and Canada while the North East region is made up of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania. The Maryland/Washington DC/Virginia region, which has a thriving branch, was recognized as the backbone of the association.

The symposium also commended the foresight of the founders and hard work of the Executive members, whose efforts has ensured not only the survival, but also the growth of the association. Consequently, the old Executive was unanimously voted in for another term of two years.


The EXCO members include: 

Samuel Alfa, PhD, President
Joseph Attawodi, Vice-President
Abu Acheneje, Secretary General
Mohammed Opaluwa, Assistant Secretary General
Achenyo Idachaba, Treasurer
Amade Abalaka, Financial Secretary
Pauline Baba, Public Relations Officer
John Ojih, National Coordinator,
Joel Jaja, Internal Auditor


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