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We recognize the important role our women play in development. No one has brought this fact home to us more succinctly than our erudite sister, Dr. Ejura Ali-Arome, who in her paper presented at the First National Symposium of Igala Association, held November 24-25, 2000 in Maryland, USA noted that:

".... Women contribute a great deal to the economy and to the family. Not only do they participate in agricultural and industrial labor but also they are charged with cooking, cleaning, collecting firewood and water, and washing. In addition, they assume full responsibility for rearing children and caring for the old and infirm. Nevertheless, a woman's contribution goes unrecognized in the national accounts because it is un-priced (difficult to value) and invisible (consumed immediately). In other words while men entered the policy process as household heads and productive agents, women were viewed primarily in their capacity as housewives, mothers and "at risk reproducers". "

Because of the extensive studies Dr. Ali-Arome has done in this area, we are asking her to host this page.

Dr. Ali-Arome welcomes contributions from all our womenfolk and anyone interested in sharing his/her thoughts on issues concerning women and development in Igalaland (Nigeria), especially how we can help them reach their potentials for the benefit of the society.

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